MGD Thesis: Connected Anxieties of the Sharing Culture

During my Master of Graphic Design program at North Carolina State University, I completed a project thesis that included research, design, prototypes, documentation, and a final presentation. The goal of this thesis is to inform experience designers by defining anxieties and identifying user behaviors and social networking site (SNS) application functions that elevate these anxieties.

Improversion Research Lab

Improversion was the theme of a bi-annual symposium hosted by the NCSU Master of Graphic Design graduate students held in 2015. The project that a few of my class mates and I were interested in creating involved an activity to define Design Research using a specific process and identifying specific roles for participants. Our interest

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Code Literacy Poster

A poster advocating the value of code literacy in education, specifically it’s relevancy to design education. Supports the belief that teaching students the theory and practices of code will help them be able to adapt and learn quickly in the fast-paced changing nature of code and technology. Role: Research, design, and writing.