The Food Effect: SXSW Activation

Objective: Land O’Lakes, Inc., a brand with services and products for each step in the farm to fork production system, wanted to be seen as more than a butter company, and challenge perceptions around big agriculture. SXSW was an ideal environment and audience to help achieve this goal, along with a National Geographic partnership that

Trait Talk: Alexa Skill Sales Tool

Objective: To help retailers sell new seed technologies coming from Forage Genetics International (FGI) and inform farmers about the benefits of using these seed technologies. Part of our challenge was that retailers didn’t really know how to sell the seed technology to farmers, or have the answers farmers were looking for. Knowing that traditional print

Gene Editor at SXSW

As part of The Food Effect SXSW activation, we created a DNA hacking game that highlighted ways genetic engineering can help solve food problems. GMOs are a controversial topic for our client, Land O’Lakes, but we partnered with them to create an experience that could help them move the conversation forward. Opportunity: How can we

Workshop Design

Objective: How can we help our coworkers understand the affordances of emerging technology? After coming back from SXSW2017, my colleagues Heather Denike and Clarissa Hernandez, wanted to share what they learned  to inspire fellow coworkers and celebrate creativity. In addition to their share-out presentation, they wanted to create a workshop that spread the knowledge they

Uncharted Waters Website

Objective: Create an engaging digital experience that informs the National Geographic audience and general consumers on the efforts agriculture is taking to address the glooming water crisis. WinField United is a customer-owned wholesale supplier of crop protection inputs, seed and crop nutrients, and also provides research and innovations in the field of agriculture. Their partnership