Trait Talk: Alexa Skill Sales Tool

Objective: Inform retailers and farmers about the innovative alfalfa seed trait technology Forage Genetics International (FGI) was providing for dairy farmers.

Alexa Dot display on counter in retail shop with man

To solve for this, the creative team asked themselves how they could think about a traditional sales kit differently. Having a few Amazon Echo’s to play with, it sparked a solution that was both inventive and adaptable to the content.

We created an Alexa skill that allowed farmers to have a conversation with Alexa on the benefits of using the new alfalfa seeds FGI had created. The first of it’s kind, this brand interaction showed FGI as an innovator, not only in it’s products, but also in how it communicated about it’s products.

Amazon Alexa Dot in Custom display

The Trait Talk skill was a 2017 Creative Media Awards finalist for Audio, alongside Alien Covenant and an Imagine Dragons campaign.

Role: UX Designer

Team: Danny Walsh – Copywriter, Chris Moen – Developer, Kayla Bries – Account Lead