The Food Effect: 360 Website Experience

Objective: Create an engaging website experience connected to our SXSW activation for the National Geographic audience and illustrate Land O’Lakes purpose of feeding human progress.

Having a media partnership with National Geographic set the bar high for the type of experience we needed to create to make an impact with their audience. We had a short timeline, but early on thought it would be interesting to capture several different environments related to food. As we dug into research, we uncovered several different types of farming, all viable options as we find new ways to grow and produce food.

An algae farm in Florida

We thought capturing the environments in 360 would create an immersive digital experience. Our team of art directors and videographers went to a dairy farm, algae farm, indoor vertical farm, and restaurant to capture each environment.

Clicking on hot-spots revealed more detailed information.

Our team also wrote content that dove a bit deeper into each environment, allowing users to explore and learn more on their own terms.

This was a technically challenging solution, as our developers were learning how to code in 360 environment for the first time. We learned about those limitations and also created new interaction patterns for the UI.

Example of 360 environment

The content captured for the website was re-purposed for the lettuce head we also had at our SXSW physical space activation. Using this content twice cut down on production costs and created a direct link between our space in Austin and our digital space. View the site >

Role: UX Designer

Team: Design and Art Direction – Lydia Lee, Cole Spiess; Content – Tricia Cornell; Creative Technologists – Tyler Burger, Charlie Hield.