Colle McVoy Website

Objective: Colle McVoy, a creative agency in Minneapolis, developed new positioning that required an updated website. The brand needed to come to life in a new, fresh way, that represented it’s Finding Next purpose. Our goal was to present our best work and show the thinking behind each project for our prospective clients, as well as infuse culture and personality throughout to capture the attention of future employees.

To help differentiate from other creative agencies, we put an emphasis on brand, by creating Brand pages (example above) for each client that told the story of how we helped transform the brand throughout our partnership. This allowed us to show how we think about brands differently, as well as aggregate all projects for each brand and provide flexibility in the design system.

Case study pages (example above) focused on a single project allowing us to dive deeper into the strategy, research, and thinking behind the work, without the story becoming too much information for a single page. We created a modular system of components so we are able to present a variety of work, but maintain brand cohesiveness. Adding results to each project shows proof that our work is successful and shows potential clients and employers that we measure the impact of our work. Visit the site >

Role: brand strategy, UX, content strategy

Team: Design – Kate Hartman, Clarissa Hernandez, Roven Bashier; copy – Eric Husband; Creative Technologist – Charlie Hield; strategy – Bri Fonda; production – Ameet Kamath