Uncharted Waters Website

Objective: Create an engaging digital experience that informs the National Geographic audience and general consumers on the efforts agriculture is taking to address the glooming water crisis.

WinField United is a customer-owned wholesale supplier of crop protection inputs, seed and crop nutrients, and also provides research and innovations in the field of agriculture. Their partnership with National Geographic positioned them to share their efforts with an audience that is increasingly more interested in where their food comes from.

Part of our challenge was to unpack this global problem in a way that drew connections between the consumer’s daily life and agriculture.  Together, the team created a content outline that helped uncover the key topics we needed to address, rooted in facts and research, to tell the whole story.

content outline for uncharted waters quiz website

Instead of telling a story about the crisis, we thought our audience would be more engaged and interested if we tested their knowledge on the existing water crisis. Our interactive quiz provided the opportunity for users to speak first, and the brand to respond with facts about what agriculture is doing to address the water crisis. We gamified our storyline and with support of paid efforts, 50,000+ quiz questions were answered. View website.

We designed visually rich animations and made sure the questions varied in difficulty. We drew connections between consumer’s lives and water, while highlighting the different ways agriculture is working towards ensuring there is enough water for everyone in the future. The team created a smart, well-designed experience that delivered in brand objectives and engaged our target audience.


Role: UX Design, content architecture, interaction designer

Team: Design – Roven Bashier, Clarissa Hernandez; Content – Tricia Cornell and animations by Pixel Farm