Improversion Research Lab

Improversion was the theme of a bi-annual symposium hosted by the NCSU Master of Graphic Design graduate students held in 2015. The project that a few of my class mates and I were interested in creating involved an activity to define Design Research using a specific process and identifying specific roles for participants. Our interest in Design Research came out of a struggle to identify and define what exactly Design Research was and what it meant for our final thesis projects. The popularity of our activity and the brief but insightful discussion was surprising.

The objective of our activity:

Define Design Research as it exists within your design culture. Use materials that support your values, philosophies, and methods relating to Design Research in your understanding of Design Research. Feel free to edit, delete, rearrange, add information as you see fit depending on the role you are participating in. Results will be posted at the end of the workday.

We created an introduction video to display during the symposium and create interest. We also identified roles for the activity: gatherer, organizer, and translator, which can be thoroughly defined here.

Our results from the activity proved that many minds working on something creates a diverse, varied sort of definition. We did not go back and edit or organize any thoughts. It also is interesting to notice how the defined roles influenced the structure of the definition. The ending definition can be viewed here.

For the symposium, particiapnts were asked to create a response to submitted projects. A group of students from MICA submitted the following in response to our activity: